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Steering noises? (Read 6723 times)

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Steering noises?
11. Jul 2006 at 08:12
Steering pulls to the side or knocking noises over bumps?
Firstly, steering pulling to the side could be many things. Tyres, tyre pressures, wishbones, steering idler, suspension struts or even accident damage.

Knocking or clunking is usually the drop links and or wishbones. Don't eliminate everything else. A broken spring can often sit at the bottom of a strut and clunk over pot holes without falling out. Also A bumper not tight can sound the same!

Easiest thing is to eliminate the worst things first and check the easiest as well. So, get underneath with a torch and look for obvious signs of chassis legs being bent or crumpled. Look for fresh paint or welding. Is one side of the car much cleaner than the other?

Next tyres. take the wheel off and look at the wheel for damage and especially the tyre. Look for bulges, particularly on the inside edge. Look at the tread carefully and check for uneven wear or cuts,splits etc. Check the tyre pressures. As a general guide 30-32psi all round seems about right, but check your handbook. It does depend on load as well.

Now check the steering idler. Jack up the left front and rock the wheel from left to right whilst someone looks at the idler. Is there movement and play?

Wishbones. Get a breaker bar and try to move the bushes. There should be virtually no movement like this.

Drop links, examine the rubber for age related damage and splits.

If you find uneven tyre wear and/or the steering wheel is not centred, chances are your tracking is out. Get full geometry check done - 4 wheel tracking is often inadequate on Omega. This will ensure the steering wheel is centred properly as well as the tracking, and importantly camber, set up. If you find the wheel isn't centred afterwards, go straight back and insist they put it right and don't take no for an answer. The Omega isn't special, different or difficult.

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