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Message started by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:16

Title: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:16
Read before following any guides

Obviously safety is paramount. These guides are all written by members who have done the jobs themselves, none of whom are professional technical authors. Therfore, they are to be read on the merit of items that will assist you rather than a precise 'follow this to the letter' type guide.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of these guides, you should satisfy yourself that they are applicable to your vehicle, you have the necessary skills to carry out the task and that you follow the usual safety procedures associated with working on any car. That is, you secure the vehicle using brakes, chocks and wedges where necessary and that you NEVER work on an car supported only by jacks. Always use axle stands positioned appropriately.

If you have any doubts regarding safety, ask BEFORE you attempt any job on your vehicle.

None of these guides are endorsed by the owners or administrators of this forum. You follow any of these guides at your own risk

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:16
Code Reading

Paperclip Test & Pedal Trick - All Models

V6 (cabled) - Motronic 2.8.1 (V6 Engines) fault codes

V6 (DBW) - Y26SE and Y32SE Motronic ME3.11 Fault Codes

2.0 - Simtec 56.0/56.1 2.0l 16V Fault Codes

2.0 - Simtec 56 2.0l Fault Codes

2.2 - Simtec 71 (Z22XE 2.2 16V Petrol) codes

Diesel 2.5 and 2.2 - Engine Management Fault Codes

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:17


Pressure testing cooling system

Pressure testing cooling system using a compressor

How to disconnect heater hoses

Replace Power Steering Pump (PAS)

Test & Clean Hydraulic Lifters (Followers)

Change the fuel filter on a petrol estate

Convert your oil filter, canister to Spin on

Coolant Flush & Change


V6 Plenum Removal

V6 Plenum removal - Extra info & some close-ups

Tips on removing coil packs without damage

V6 Torque Values

V6 camshaft identification

V6 engine bay vaccum pipes

V6 Multiram operation

V6 Cambelt change - Novice View + DVD Available

V6 Spark Plugs Change 2.6/3.2 (2.5/3.0 similar)

V6 DIS Pack Replacement

V6 crank sensor replacement

V6 Thermostat Replacement (3.2 Engine) with videos etc

V6 Thermostat Replacement

V6 Cleaning crankcase breather system

V6 Changing the Oil Cooler

V6 Oil Cooler Replacement Parts and Part Numbers

V6 Changing the Cam Cover Gaskets

V6 Head Gasket Change

V6 Replace prefacelift Aircon condenser

V6 Change Heater Bypass Valve (HBV)

V6 ABS ECU Replacement - Speedo not working; ABS/ TC lights on .

V6 WIP JSeamen's Engine Rebuild Guide

V6 (2.6/3.2) Moving Lambda / O2 Sensors to cure P0420/P0430

V6 Throttle Body Port & Polish

4 Cylinder

2.0/2.2 Torque Settings

2.2 Spark Plug Change

2.2 Cleaning the EGR

2.0 Cleaning Your IACV and Breather Jet

2.0 Cleaning the throttle valve assembly Omega 2.0 16V

2.0 Cleaning X20XEV Idle Control Valve

2.0 and 2.2 Cam cover gasket replacement

2.2 Replacing Cam Cover Gasket

2.0 Cam Cover Replacement

2.2 Drive by Wire Throttle Body and Breathers

2.2 Oil Change

2.2 Cam Sensor Change


2.2 Crank Sensor Replacement

2.5 TD lift pump - Diagnosis / Replacement

2.5 TD Drive Belt and Water Pump Replacement

2.5 TD Inside Fuel Pump Throttle control

2.5 TD Injector Pump Replacement

Diesel Injector Cleaning

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:17
Drivetrain, Suspension, Steering & Brakes


Servicing the rear disc and parking brakes (Handbrake)

Front Disc Change - WIP

Front Wheel Bearing Change

Brake Fluid Flush & Change


Replicating original camber settings

Changing Rear Shock Absorbers

Omega Rear Coil Spring Change

How to Test Raise / Lower self levelling suspension

How to replace rear subframe bushes


How to change a Track Rod End (Tie Rod)

Changing wishbones and drop links

Removing wishbone bush in order to install polybush

Changing a steering idler


Diff Oil Change

Diff Pinion Oil Seal Change

Autobox to Manual Conversion

Autobox - THE dreaded thrust washer explained

Autobox fluid level check

ATF Change

Turbo Diesel Automatic gearbox failure

Omega Manual Clutch Kit Change (all models)

Auto Gearbox Selector Switch Cleaning

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:18
ICE / Electrical

Audio & Entertainment

Guide for  fixing radio in 'Safe' mode

CID LCD Panel Replacement

TID / MID Duff Pixel Repair - External site link

Facelift CD Changer Repair

Changing radio display digits

How to fit line level outputs to a CCR2006

Wiring in an amp

Removing a facelift (double din) radio

Internal Electrics

Hillpers Boot Mod. (facelift cars)

Fit a total closure kit

Resetting one touch window function.

Climate bulb renewal (Prefacelift)

Remove cloth seat, heater pads

Replacing the front central locking motors.

Repairing a central locking motor

Change Non-Climate Heater Control Bulbs

Ignition switch and connector removal

Ignition lock re-condition

Removing the ignition lock assembly

Aircon working only one side - how I cured it!

Cleaning the sunroof switch

Indicator failure - how I fixed it

Replace your high level brake light

Replace Your Heater Motor

Replace your SRS (airbag) ECU

Fix your wing mirror adjustment switch

External Electrics

Replace Your Headlight Adjusters

Fit aftermarket rear parking sensors

Fit aftermarket rear parking sensors - Alternate version

Inside The Powersounder

Power sounder disconnection

Battery, Charging and Starting Diagnosis

Repairing the Alternator

Removing An Omega headlight

Headlight Cluster Lamp Replacement Guide

Replacing a fan switch - V6

TD - Fitting Performance Chip

Fitting a new / performance ECU Chip

external lamp/bulbs - numbers

Retrofitting Features

Retrofit A Variable Delay Wiper Stalk

Retrofit Carin Sat-Nav

Fitting auto dipping mirror by Hillper

Fitting prefacelift cruise howtoo

Retrofit Cruise Control (DBW cars only)

Fitting Cruise (Facelift Only)

Fitting Elite Seats to Other Models

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:18
Trim, Cosmetics & Body


Removing the rear centre seatbelt from an estate

Replace you facelift aircon buttons

Remove the Headlining

Neatly install a Tom Tom

Replace your glovebox handle

Remove / replace the centre console trim

Removing the instrument panel

How to Remove Clocks Panel

Centre dash panel removal

Rear blind removal

Freeing Off The Seat Height Adjuster

Fitting an adjustable steering column

How to gain access to the side airbag

Replacing Door Strap Bush

How to repair front door check strap (with pics)

Prefacelift door card removal

Door Card Removal - Facelift

pre-facelift & facelift door lock replacement

How to Replace Corroded Fuel Pump Cover Plate


Remove your front bumper (Facelift)

Dissasemble Your Door Mirror

Retro Fit Insignia 'fan pattern' windscreen washer nozzles to your omega

Refurb your cloudy headlight lens

Replace your Heater Matrix (Cheat method)

Flushing your Heater Matrix

Adjusting the bonnet catch (when pulling the lever doesnt quite work)

Replacing the bonnet catch spring (when the above guide doesnt quite work)

Retrofitting Facelift Door Rubbing Strips

Scuttle Drain Cleaning

Removing wiper scuttle

How to clean out your scuttle drain.

Cleaning windscreen washer system

Door trims

Replacing Rear Chrome Trim and Bumper Supports

Rear Bumper removal How To

Remove Sunroof Glass Panel

Aerosol Spraying

Reducing wind noise

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:19
Useful Pictures

Useful V6 Engine Pics

Useful 2.2 Engine Pics

Pic of Crank sensor/Eng No. location V6

Picture of Oil Cooler Pipes & Coolant Bridge

Picture of the HBV on a V6

Picture of Breather Body on a V6

Close up of Front & Rear Multi Rams

Where the Front Pad "Check" wire connects

What the Dash Bulbs look like!

Pics of the Rear Of The Instrument Panel & Bulbs

Pic of the Manual Crank Tool For Elite Seats

Pic & Location Of Servotronic (Power Steering) Relay

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 23. Nov 2009 at 19:48
LPG Guides

Some of the LPG guides contain a large number of photos, so be aware they may take some time to load, especially on slow connections.

LPG Kit & Tools Required

LPG Preparation & Nozzle Fitting

LPG Fitting the Filler

LPG Fitting a Cylinder Tank

LPG Pipework running

LPG Sizing & Drilling Injectors

LPG Electrical Connections

LPG Commisioning & Calibration

LPG 4 Cylinder Front End Installation

Title: Re: Maintenance Guide Index
Post by Jimbob on 05. Apr 2010 at 08:08
Submitting Guides

This section is by no means complete.

There is always room for new, or improved guides (just because we have a guide, it does not mean it is the best way to do a job, if you know a better way, please create a guide, likewise if you feel a guide is 'missing' feel free to create one).

If you would like to add to this section, please create your guide in the test section, from there we can copy it across, add to the index, and add some copy protection to any photos.  You can either add photos using photobucket etc, or you can email them to the address in my signature.  Photos will be moved onto the OOF servers.

If we see what we consider to be useful posts, we may request you make them into a how to, obviously there is no pressure to do this.

Thanks to all our contributors, past, present and future  :y 

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