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Message started by RobG on 07. Jun 2011 at 21:57

Title: Removal of F/L front bumper
Post by RobG on 07. Jun 2011 at 21:57
The front bumper is held on with a total of 9 fixings, 4 x torx screws and 5 expanding lift/push "plugs".
2 x torx on each side

2 x "plugs" under bonnet and 3 underneath the bumper

Pics of the "plugs" under bonnet. Release these by lifting centre of plug with small flatblade screwdriver inserted into visible slot.

Then remove under headlight trim, some are held in with a pushpin (the hole at trim end) but most are just secured with the rubber "hook". Release the trim and pull outwards steady, the other end unclips.

Pics of "plugs" under bumper. Same procedure to release.

This pic shows the "plugs" in situ with bumper upturned.

Next undo the 4 x torx screws (2 each side) at bumper ends.

You can now pull the bumper towards you to release it. Unplug the multi-connector near the horns

If headlamp washers are fitted unclip the connector at the washer pipe by pushing the retaining clip

If you need to remove the steel bumper bar it`s held on with 4 nuts (2 each side) and the washer reservoir is fixed to the bar via 4 x torx screws.

Job done

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